ElarScan digitizes Brazilian court documents

The professional scanner ElarScan A2 is involved in the creation of a virtual collection of historical documents in the central state of Brazil. During the year, 1,316 issues of the Journal of Justice were digitized within the walls of the Tocantins State Court.

In August 2019, ElarScan A2-400 was installed and launched in the library of the Court Justice of the State of Tocantins in central Brazil. As one of the most modern and efficient organizations among Brazilian justice institutions, the Court Justice of the State of Tocantins is implementing a project to digitize historical documents.

- ElarScan A2 appeared in our library to create an electronic collection, first of all, of such historical documents as the Journal of Justice and the Historical Process (publication of new laws and official results of court proceedings). Thanks to ElarScan equipment, users get free access to their electronic copies, - said Cynthia Ayres, head of the library of the Court. - ElarScan A2 is convenient and easy to use due to the ability to scan carefully various types of documents and an intuitive interface.».

In 11 months, library staff digitized 1,316 issues of the Journal of Justice from the complete collection of Diário da Justiça, which includes editions from 1989 to 2006. These and other materials have already been posted on the court's website.

The library appeared in 1999 for magistrates and civil servants of the state judicial system. Her collection consists of legal books, works from areas related to the execution and administration of the judicial system, as well as works of Brazilian and foreign literature. The library's special collection features the classic and unpublished works of great Brazilian and foreign lawyers. The digitization of the library materials continues.

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