ElarScan in the Fashion World

Universal planetary scanner ElarScan A2 is now in service at MoMu, the famous fashion museum of Antwerp in Belgium. Visitors will scan historical and modern fashion books, museum items for personal collections and studying.

The new generation of ElarScan through the eyes of French libraries

The largest archival and library edition in France “ArchIMAG” presented new generation of ElarScan professional planetary scanners. We see that new ElarScan A2-600R/RA are most interesting models for French libraries and archives. Via the famous professional mass-media we attracted the attention to the number of especial features of ElarScan family - commented Mr.Mounir AMARA, director of iNumerics company, Paris-France.

ElarScan in Vietnam: Da Nang University digitizes library

Specialists of the leading Vietnam’s university have begun digitizing publications and replenishing the electronic library with the universal planetary scanner ElarScan A2-400KS. The University of Da Nang (University of Education) is one of the TOP-50 higher education institutions of Southeast Asia and one of the largest universities in Vietnam. The fund of his library has 120 thousand volumes, which will be available to students in digital.

ElarScans work at WSB universities in Poland

The group of Polish universities WSB (Higher School of Banking) received new professional planetary scanners ElarScan A2-600R. The digitization of library funds has begun, the volume of which exceeds 50 thousand units. Planetary scanners are used for digitization in two branches of the Higher School of Banking: in the cities of Toruń and Bydgoszcz. The equipment was supplied, installed and trained by ELAR's authorized partner Elaboro Agnieszka Borowiecka.

New ElarScan sales and service center in Capital of Uzbekistan

In the center of Tashkent N-COM CENTRAL ASIA opened a showroom where a new model of the universal planetary scanner ElarScan A2-400 is showcased. The company provided the first demonstrations of the latest equipment and a series of seminars and presentations for organizations and enterprises in Central Asia are being prepared.

ElarScan presented at the library forum in Milan

ElarScan book scanners were presented at the 25th anniversary conference of the Italian library association "Convegno delle Stelline". The pandemic almost led to the cancellation of the Conference and the traditional exhibition "Bibliostar", but the organizers were able to hold the forum in September instead of spring, while maintaining the face-to-face format and a wide program of digital events. Viva Italia!

Cultural artifacts of the Czechia under digital protection ElarScan

In August 2020, two famous cultural centers of the Czech Republic received professional planetary scanners ElarScan A2-KS and began work - the Czech Technical University in Prague and the old Strahov Monastery. New scanners are used to digitize collections of historical documents, rare and valuable artifacts. The first scanning projects will be completed by the end of the year.

ElarScan digitizes Brazilian court documents

The professional scanner ElarScan A2 is involved in the creation of a virtual collection of historical documents in the central state of Brazil. During the year, 1,316 issues of the Journal of Justice were digitized within the walls of the Tocantins State Court.

Цифровые коллекции болгарской библиотеки «Любен Каравелов» создают с помощью нового ЭларСкан

В течение полугода в одной из старейших библиотек Болгарии и ведущем региональном центре по обеспечению доступа к информации и услугам создают фундаментальное собрание электронных книг с помощью планетарного сканера ЭЛАР. ЭларСкан А2-400КС, установленный в Отделе оцифровки «Любен Каравелов» в 2019 году, признан очень удобным для оцифровки как старинных печатных книг и манускриптов, так и современных публикаций.

Эларскан вызвал восхищение специалистов на GITEX-2019 в Дубае

Новый универсальный сканер документов ElarScan A2-600KS был представлен на 39-й выставке GITEX Technology Week в Центре международной торговли Дубая, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты. Итогом встреч на выставке стало подписание ряда партнерских соглашений и контрактов.

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