Skanery ElarScan zaprezentowane na forum bibliotecznym w Mediolanie

Skanery książek ElarScan zostały zaprezentowane podczas 25-lecia konferencji włoskiego stowarzyszenia bibliotek „Convegno delle Stelline”. Pandemia niemal doprowadziła do odwołania Konferencji i tradycyjnej wystawy „Bibliostar”, ale organizatorom udało się zorganizować forum we wrześniu tego roku, zachowując przy tym bezpośredni format i bogaty program wydarzeń cyfrowych. Viva Italia!

Dziedzictwa kulturowe Czech pod cyfrową ochroną ElarScan

W sierpniu 2020 roku dwa znane ośrodki kulturalne Republiki Czeskiej pracę - Politechnika Czeska w Pradze i stary klasztor w Strahowie otrzymały profesjonalne skanery planetarne ElarScan A2-KS, które rozpoczęły swoją. Nowe skanery służą do digitalizacji zbiorów dokumentów historycznych, rzadkich i cennych artefaktów. Pierwsze projekty digitalizacji zostaną zakończone do końca tego roku.

ElarScan digitizes Brazilian court documents

The professional scanner ElarScan A2 is involved in the creation of a virtual collection of historical documents in the central state of Brazil. During the year, 1,316 issues of the Journal of Justice were digitized within the walls of the Tocantins State Court.

Сollections of "Lyuben Karavelov" library go digital with new ElarScan

“Lyuben Karavelov” in Ruse is one of the oldest Bulgarian libraries. The cultural institution is a leading center for providing access to knowledge, information and services in the region. In September 2019, ElarScan universal book scanner was installed in the library’s Digital center who creates unique e-book collections. The new ElarScan A2-400KS proved to be very convenient for scanning old printed books and manuscripts, as well as modern publications.

ElarScan excites visitors at GITEX-2019 in Dubai

A new universal document scanner, the ElarScan A2-600 KS was presented to the 39th GITEX Technology Week Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The novelty caused admiring reviews from visitors and numerous meetings with new partnership agreements and contracts signed.

World premiere of the new ElarScan universal book scanner at GITEX-2019

New ElarScan A2 all-in one professional planetary document “dream-scanner” is to be presented at GITEX Technology Week, the biggest technology event in the Middle East, North Africa & South Asia on 6-10 October 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. An event not to be missed so visit for details and complimentary tickets.

Elarscans serve students of leading university in Czech Republic

Masaryk University in Brno is the most popular university in Czechia. It was founded in 1919 by one of the first decrees of young independent Czechoslovak Republic. Library of Economics and administration faculty received book scanners “ElarScan” in summer of 2018, students and staff use new professional equipment for self-digitization of literature, as well as to upload their own works and documents to University servers.

New Elarscan receives the blessing of the University of Divinity, Melbourne

Employees of Mannix Library at Catholic Theological College in East Melbourne, greatly appreciate their new universal scanner ElarScan A2, noting its versatility and convenience, and its ability to carefully scan valuable originals. In February 2019, Elarscan was installed in the library’s Special Collections Room and began to be used for digitizing rare books, folios, and other unique materials

Elarscan digitizes books at National library of Bulgaria

Bulgarian National library SS. Cyril and Methodius continues with digitization of rare books. The first item digitized with ElarScan A2 was a famous Lovech Four Gospels copied by Petar Gramatik of the middle XVI century with a silver cover from the end of XVIII century.

ElarScan at Brazilian forum of university libraries

“Scansystem Ltda”, partner of ELAR Corp. (Russia) in Brazil, introduced the Elarscan book scanner at the conference “National Seminar for Universities Libraries (SNBU)” in Salvador — Bahia (Brazil).

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