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ELAR ScanImage

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ELAR ScanImage is an advanced professional software for management of scanning and image processing.

The software combines all achievements in the domain of receipt, systematization, correction and saving of electronic documents that have been used and improved over years at the largest ELAR digitization factory in Europe. Using ScanImage allows making digitization job of any level to the maximum efficient extent - from management of one workstation with a scanner to processing of all images at large centres and digitization laboratories.

ScanImage has a unique set of functions for management of scanners, project management, scanning and image processing, making it one of the most up-to-date and advanced tools for organization of the digitization process. The ergonomic and intuitive interface makes working with software the most convenient and productive.

One of the most important advantages of ScanImage is its cost. Due to employment of proven digitalization solutions in the product, the standard ScanImage license offers all professional software functions, including project management and OCR recognition, without any charges or restrictions. There are major international interface languages and touch screen support available. ScanImage software comes with ElarScan scanners by default.

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ELAR Scan Image is one of the most powerful and advanced tools for working with electronic images, allowing focusing on all main stages of digitization on a single scanning device or organizing centralized processing of the quality of images from various devices and reducing it to a specified standard.

The modern interface ScanImage provides convenient access and ergonomic operation with an extensive set of professional digitization tools.

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The software extends significantly the versatility and performance of any digitization area due to the functions of Scan Projects creation. You can configure the digitization settings for each document, save the customized settings and then reuse them when working with similar originals.

As a result, one ScanImage license allows implementing several digitization projects at the same time and automating receipt of copies and processing of dozens of various documents - modern incoming, old archive files and books, tabloids, newspapers, paintings, etc.

Ample opportunities to save digitization results make ScanImage truly universal software and allow using it for various professional jobs, as well as on equipment for public access. The option is available to save files to USB, in network environment or cloud storage, as well as send them by e-mail. All current file formats are supported, including RAW and TIFF without compression for creation of high resolution master copies, as well as multi-page PDF and PDF-A for most electronic documents and books. Built-in OCR-system will help recognizing the texts of printed documents in different languages, without charging by the number of processed images.

Professional scan settings

ScanImage is distinctive for its ability to control ELAR scanners directly. A unique array of options for setting the scan parameters enables high-quality and productive digitization of any original document as per its characteristics. Moreover, most of the settings and operating modes are automated, which makes it possible for a user with any skills level to work with a scanner.

The system provides control of scanning equipment and can process images received from scanners, as well as those downloaded from other devices and from network folders. The highest level of automation and ergonomics is achieved through the following professional tools:

  1. Automatic determination of the document size or manual setting of the scan area, including pre-selection of up to 20 fragments for saving in separate files and “instant scanning” immediately after selection of the fragment.
  2. Scanning of non-contrast original documents with laser assistant.
  3. Selection of the scan mode - manual by pressing a button or pedal, or automatic modes by time interval, by lowering the register glass or by tracking the change of the document page.
  4. Scanning of spreads with splitting of images into the left and right pages, saving of pages in separate files or stitching along the centre line (binding edge).
  5. Automatic alignment and perspective correction when scanning documents at an angle or in a V-shaped mode.
  6. Setting of colour and resolution of the resulting files within the range of capabilities of the scanner itself.
  7. Automatic adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation of produced images, as well as intelligent alignment of illumination in case of obvious effect of external lighting and other conditions on the produced images.
  8. Scanner lighting control, as well as special operating modes and manual adjustment of the intensity of each light source (for scanners that have such control option)

For digitization experts and cases of complex non-contrast documents, the software provides the option of manual adjustment of sensitivity, exposure, white balance and other parameters of optical system of scanners, as well as colour profiling and use of ICC profiles.

Integrated image processing

Correction of images does not require third-party software - all necessary professional functions are available with ELAR ScanImage! Thus the software accelerates and simplifies the process of creating digital copies to a significant extent, makes it possible to adhere to a single reference standard for image quality.

One of the main applications of ScanImage is automation of processing of digitization results at scanning centres and laboratories, where the program takes on all tasks of reducing the images to a common size and quality standard, structuring, quality control and saving them in the required formats. Processing of images obtained from various scanning devices can be carried out at one station/server.

Image processing is implemented in the form of more than 35 algorithms (filters), which are divided into several functional groups:

  • Geometry correction filters allow aligning an image or text inside it, splitting the images into fragments with manual setting of edges or by automatic detection of relevant content.
  • Intelligent filters for artefact elimination can remove background noise, flares, fingerprints of the operator and traces of stapler/stitcher automatically, as well as restore uneven edges of damaged documents and fill the remaining background with document colour adaptively.
  • Colour correction filters implement automatic software optimization of contrast, legibility of light (dilation) and dark (erosion) objects; manual change of tone, saturation, sharpness and other characteristics of images.

An example of image processing. The “Align the edges by sheet geometry” filter fills in dark areas using the average tone of nearby areas of the document.

A complete list of filters is given in the table of technical specifications.

Combining filters into groups and saving them as processing profiles eliminates the need to select settings for each document - just select a group of images and select a ready-made profile. As for batch scanning jobs, the processing profiles can be switched to active mode using which the settings are applied to all newly created images.

Quality result

ScanImage provides high-quality preparation of digitization results for uploading and allows creating electronic documents that will be convenient for use and will meet the specified quality standards.

The scope of Scan Project provides for a possibility to change the order of images, their name and resolution, create a nested folder structure, and in case of unsatisfactory quality detection, to replace the image with a new one without changing the order.

This approach allows structuring and converting all the images received from various sources from all scanning devices to the desired format - for example, observing the order of pages of publication, separately adjusting the colour rendering of illustrations, scanning the cover with other quality settings and placing its parts at the beginning and end of PDF books respectively.

For the sake of users’ convenience, an option is implemented to upload images individually or in groups, in the form of a graphic file or a file with recognized text, in one or several save formats (for example, you can simultaneously save master copies in Tiff format without compression and preview copies with reduced quality in PDF).

Special start modes

The software has special start modes for organization of batch digitization and increase of scanning performance:

  • The “Batch Scanning” mode implements the batch scanning technology for organization of professional digitization centres at which the scanning stage is separated from document processing. For maximum performance, the operator has access only to the scan settings, and all received images are saved in the folder specified during job start.
  • The “Bar code” mode implements the scanning technology, which records processing units and process operations using bar code tags. The mode accelerates and simplifies scanning in many cases related to processing of contracts, files, books, correspondence, etc.
  • The “Sensor” mode implements a special interface for convenient control of the scanner using a touch screen (built-in or free-standing), which allows creating user-friendly self-scanning stations, for example, in the reference rooms of libraries and archives, without user access to the operating system settings.

Advantages of ELAR ScanImage

  • Full automation of professional digitization centres - from maximum performance scanning to centralized processing of images received from various scanning devices at one station/server.
  • Software fully integrated with ElarScan that not just processes finished images, but controls the elements of scanners too, while making digitization with high quality and performance.
  • Extensive professional and intelligent functions for processing of received images including built-in OCR text recognition with support for more than 50 languages without charging per processing unit
  • The software is provided with support and updates together with scanners as part of a single technical support by specialized ELAR service centres.
  • Localization of the interface for foreign customers.


ScanImage software classification Systems for collection, storage, processing, analysis, modelling and visualization of data arrays
Licensing Lifetime license
Technical support and updates 1 year free upon purchase. Further - service contracts.
Key applications
  • Processing management. The software is installed on the station/server; it is responsible for processing of images from different devices and reducing them to standard quality.
  • Scanning management. The software is installed on built-in/external computer of ELAR scanner, controls the scanning device and processes the received images.
List of processing filters

  • Adaptive contrast (CLAHE)
  • Binarization
  • Watermark
  • Alignment of the edges by adding extra fields
  • Alignment of the edges using sheet geometry
  • Adjustment of lighting
  • Adjustment of lighting by white paper
  • Alignment of lines
  • Gamma-correction
  • Dividing into frames
  • Spread pagination
  • Dilation
  • Finger masking
  • Scaling
  • Saturation
  • Negative
  • Cropping of edges by relevant information
  • Cropping of edges by field
  • Cropping of fields with fingers
  • Cropping of the spread before the page
  • Vertical reflection
  • Horizontal reflection
  • Grayscale
  • Block cleaning
  • Rotate left
  • Rotate right
  • Rotate to the specified angle
  • Sharpness
  • Shadows and flares
  • Delete objects
  • Delete background
  • Remove image noise
  • Eliminate skew
  • Remote texture
  • Centring
  • Erosion
  • Brightness/contrast

Minimum system requirements Hardware environment:
  • CPU not lower than Intel Core i5;
  • RAM - 8 GB or more;
  • HDD - 500 GB or more.
Software environment:
  • OS Windows 7 (64-bit) and higher;
  • .Net Framework 4.5 or higher (included in the installation software);
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 x86/x64 (included in the installation software);
  • • Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package x86/x64 (included in the installation software).

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