Výběr zákazníků ElarScan

Since first shipments in 2014, new ElarScan book scanner is recognized by 350 professional users across all the world — just a few of them:

  • Department of mines, industry regulation and safety (East Perth, AU)
  • University of divinity (Melbourn, AU)
  • Reelbox video & photo (Brisbane, AU)
  • War heritage institute (Brussels, BE)
  • Chatelet city archive (BE)
  • Rodina library (Stara Zagora, BG)
  • Regional library Ljuben Karavelov (Ruse, BG)
  • National library SS. Cyril and Methodius (Sofia BG)
  • Kaniklides scan center (Nicosia, CY)
  • Czech technical university (Prague, CZ)
  • University center for energy efficient buildings (Bushtegrad, CZ)
  • Strahov monastery (Praha, CZ)
  • Muzeum Novojičínska p.o. (Novy Jicin, CZ)
  • Masaryk university (Brno, CZ)
  • Archive of Evreux (Evreux, FR)
  • Al-Farabi Kazakh national university (Almaty KZ)
  • State archives of Tatarstan (Kazan RU)
  • Old believer’s religious center “Krinitsa” (Moscow RU)
  • Gagarin cosmonaut training center (StarCity RU)
  • Tchaikovsky house-museum (Votkinsk, RU)
  • Advanced science and technology institute (Quezon City, PHI)
  • National library Capo-Verde (Capo-Verde, PT)
  • Biblioteca Judeteana (Craiova, RO)
  • The court justice of the state of Tocantins (Palmas, BR)
  • Municipality of Parana (Curitiba state, BR)
  • Plainfield Public Library (Plainfield IL, US)
  • Bahamas university (Bahamas, US)
  • Freeport public library (Freeport NY, US)
  • Microgenics farmaceutical Corp. (Washington DC, US)
  • Anderson public library (Anderson IN, US)
  • Dayton metro library (Dayton OH US)
  • Missouri state university (Springfield MO, US)
  • Chapman University (Orange CA, US)

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