Book scanner ElarScan A2
Professional A2+EconomicalUser Friendly
The best price for features and performance
on the market
Books, office files, archives, newspapers,
drawings, etc.
Embedded professional software makes your scans perfect
The all-in-one planetary ElarScan is a unique low investment scanner for your digitizing needs. Whether for producing digital copies, for digitization of archival collections, or as a self-service kiosk for students or patrons — The fast and friendly ElarScan A2-400 is your full-featured professional partner!
Based on 2017 market figures, the ElarScan A2-400 confirms its far leading position in the Russian market with 100+ new units installed annually. Our global professional partner network for sales and support is growing with 4 continents represented. Libraries, universities, digitizing centres, governmental agencies recognize Elarscan as a very affordable, professional and user-friendly machine.
Early in 2018 the first units of the new advanced Elarscan-FGM were exported. “Cradle with Glass Plate” model with simple reliable glass automation defines a new level of ergonomics and versatility.

Technical specifications of ElarScan A2-400

Scanner type Planetary table-top scanner
Max. scan area DIN À2+ (625 mm x 420 mm)
Optical resolution DIN A2 — 300dpi; A3 — 400dpi; A4 — 550dpi; A5+ (244x165mm) — 600dpi
Scan system Integrated professional DSLR-camera 24MP
Scan speed, full format 0.5 seconds (scan-only), less then 4.0 sec per full scan-save cycle - continuous scanning
Control and image processing Embedded production "ELAR ScanImage" batch scan/processing software
Data output 3xUSB 2.0, 2xUSB 3.0, 1x Gigabyte Ethernet
Dimensions and weight 870 x 770 x 1050 mm (H x W x D), 45 kg
Full technical specification ElarScan A2