Book scanner ElarSCAN A2
Professional A2+EconomicalUser Friendly
The best price for features and performance
on the market
Books, office files, archives, newspapers,
drawings, etc.
Embedded professional software makes your scans perfect
The all-in-one planetary ElarSCAN is an unique low investment scanner to cover your digitizing needs. Whether for producing digital copies, for the digitizing of archival collections, or as a self-service kiosk for students or patrons fast and friendly ElarSCAN A2-400 is the full-featured professional partner!
Based on 2016 market figures, the ElarSCAN A2-400 became the best-selling book scanner on the Russian market. Export to Europe and United States is developing. Libraries, universities, digitizing centres, governmental agencies recognized the scanner as very affordable, professional and a user-friendly machine. ELAR Corp. is now developing the model range, improving design, increases the production capacity and develops worldwide sales and support.

Technical specifications of ElarSCAN A2

Scanner type Planetary table-top scanner
Max. scan area DIN 2+ (625 mm x 420 mm)
Optical resolution DIN A2 300dpi; A3 400dpi; A4 550dpi; A5+ (244mm x 165mm) 600dpi
Scan system Integrated professional DSLR-camera 24MP
Scan speed, full format 0.5 seconds (scan-only), less then 4.0 sec per full scan-save cycle - continuous scanning
Control and image processing Embedded production "ELAR ScanImage" batch scan/processing software
Data output 3xUSB 2.0, 2xUSB 3.0, 1x Gigabyte Ethernet
Dimensions and weight 870 x 770 x 1050 mm (H x W x D), 45 kg
Full technical specification ElarSCAN A2-400
New look of 2018 ElarSCAN A2